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China owned the advantage of exporting mould to Assie
<<Aussie commercial net>>reported on May 24th,Assie economic have developed rapidly these years,the tendency will be continue in the next few years.Although as the basic industry—mould manufacture,especially the punching mould production ability in Aussie can not catch up with the economic development.Aussie imports punching mould technology and ability from other countries become the essential issue .The mould industry in China exactly have the advantage in this aspect and the marketing foreground is excellent.
First,the technology equipment in China is more advanced than that in Aussie.second,China owned the perfection punching mould design technician and programme expert,the experienced CNC control jockey,locksmith assembly and the mould debug expert. Third,the labour pay is much lower than that in Assie.Fourth,China owned the ability of producing automotive punch mould,the production capacity of mid-large punch mould can reach up to 200sets_400sets.The equipment charge is also low,China have the ability to supply mould for Assie absolutely.Fifth,the automotive mould design software is almost the same as the sofeware in China,this advantage helps China&Assie become partner.
Aussie mould ISOC,Adelaide mould ISOC,Melbour mould ISOC give the expectation to the China mould market and manufacturing,this must be another advantage of exporting mould from China to Assie.
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